Vignettes of the 2017 Indian Open Climbing Competition held over February 10-12 at Podar College in Mumbai:

The competition was organized by Girivihar, the city’s oldest mountaineering club, which in 2016, had anchored the Indian debut of the IFSC World Cup in Bouldering at Navi Mumbai. Podar College has a bouldering wall of modest dimension, managed by Girivihar. For the open climbing competition, Girivihar set up at the venue the wall it had imported for the 2016 World Cup. Compared to previous editions of Girivihar’s annual competition, turn out for the 2017 open was not high. However the current crop of leading sport climbers in the country was well represented. Adarsh Singh (Delhi) and Siddhi Manerikar (Mumbai) topped the results in the men’s and women’s categories respectively.


(Text and photos by Shyam G Menon, freelance journalist based in Mumbai.)

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